Response to Motion for Attys Fees and Costs

Here is the Response to Motion for Attys Fees and Costs.

Faxed Response to Motion for Attys Fees and Costs. (00038150xE1149).PDF

Board Candidate Forms

Here are the forms received so far:



Illuminate The Preserve

See attached flyer about our upcoming gathering!


DBPR Update

The arbitrator was busy yesterday and issued three orders related to our case, including an order that the HOA has 20 days to respond to Nancy Campiglia’s request for fees, an order denying everything from her motion of Oct. 15 except for a correction of a date, and the second corrected order certifying the recall, which corrects the date as mentioned in the second order.

Order 1 111616.pdf

Order 2 111616.pdf

Order 3 111616.pdf

2016 Budget Meeting Notice and Draft Budgets

See links for PDF’s of each.




Draft Minutes from the October 26th 2016 Board Meeting


Please let us know if you find any errors.

Meeting minutes Oct 26 2016_draft.pdf

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

For your reading pleasure!


2016 Annual Meeting Notice

Please read the attached letter that will be sent to everyone.


Order Releasing Stage

Here is another order.

Arbitrator’s Order 102416.pdf

Stage’s request to withdraw

Ms. Stage has made a motion to withdraw as counsel for the association in regards to the recall effort.

Stage’s motion to withdraw as counsel.pdf