Tuesday 2/24 will be day 10 and 11 for Econ side sealing schedule

In order to try and catch up to their schedule, PermaStripe will try to seal the section scheduled for Monday (pink J section) and the blue K section.  Please note the map update as the portion of Treymore that was previously part of the blue K section has moved to be part of section M.  This was to allow section J to dry without blocking both sides of Treymore.

So, Tuesday they will seal the (pink J section) entrance side of Rio Preserve Dr. and the south side of Treymore from the corner of Treymore & Treymore to around the corner and the blue K section which includes the remaining portions of Whispering Meadows and Hidden Stream.

Please have all your vehicles needed for the next 48 hours out of the driveway by 8am.


Map available here: http://www.the-preserve.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/sealing_11.jpg


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